Hey all, I am an Animation major at M.I.C.A. This is where my character art, world building and non-school work related doodles belong.
And yes, I like Pugs hello! theme by cissysaurus

I am officially moved back into Baltimore now. I start on Tuesday so I have two days to chill and do what I want.
Doodle somethings and animate maybe. I want to work hard this year and make a good short film. Actually finish it or only need to make finishing adjustments.
Things seem so far so good :)

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James so fancy

u already kno


I’ve been working on drawing again with renewed vigor. :)
Some sketchbook things and a jeih.


Im back

I update tomorrow because all the scanners are out of order

gonna try to animate before school 


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Drawing doodlepugs Keegan. Having a ball doing it, the Keegan-ing shall be grand

Geeze it’s interesting how you draw my boys. Keegan’s been getting a lot of attention lately. I also need to draw some of your babes girl



Some recent-ish commissions… For snowtato, oliviacomic, and doodlepugs respectively :””[_______]

Holy fuk this is adorable-thank you!!



Some notes on corrupted Keegan that ive updated for this scene: 

.when hes under the corruptions influence, he doesn’t move like some slow lumbering zombie. No he’s gonna come flying at you with no notions of self-preservation while bellowing inhuman cries. Thanks to Kiri’s pic of him, I want to keep it so the corruption uses his reflexes of gun weaponry so if hes armed he’ll fire at you as well. All while moving unnaturally. 

.The no self-preservation thing is pretty real-he can destroy parts of his body while attacking and continue to come at his target while they regenerate. The best way to immobilize him is to cut off his limbs actually. 

.During later stages, his voice changes as well. It gets an eerie echoy undertone to it. So even when he talks normally, he sounds abit strange. 

.Ash tends to float off his body more during his episodes. If he is particularly under influence, he may even leave a trail of dark energy that manifests as a type of cracked goo where he travels. Ash also will float off this trail as well. 

.pretty much, corruption is going to use its hosts strengths. Keegan is a solider so its going to make him a potent threat of the dark. 



Rocket Jump Waltz: This is one of TF2’s best songs.

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Goodnight tumblr 


randomrizzle said: oh god the tf2 kick is sooo strong here too. Sunday vs engie arm wrestling match! Robotic arm vs robotic hand. XDD I imagine Sunday would win that one, since he’s got a whole arm behind him. Is his robot arm much stronger than his fleshy arm?

OH HO HO HO DONT TEMPT ME. I will draw Engie and Sunday hanging out and it will be beautiful. And yes them arm wrestling just makes me happy. Yes, Sunday’s robotic arm is stronger then his real arm, he had to get use to pressure updates but he’s got little grip pads on the end of his fingers and on his palm that let him know if hes squeezing too hard. 
MMMMMM I draw this yes